Tips for Trips

These are some tips from our members for our members!


  • Be sure to arrive at the correct port, it may seem obvious but mistakes do happen!
  • Be sure to arrive on time at 6.40am (meeting time will always be confirmed by person in charge of travel)
  • It is a Club rule and a UK rule that there is NO drinking of alcohol permitted on the coach
  • Don’t forget to change your phone to the correct network and disable roaming!
  • If you want to do a tour of the ground / museum, be sure to ring Old Trafford to check times and make booking
  • Hotel that we currently use is Holiday Inn Oxford Road – check it out and get knowledge of the area for shopping, cinemas, bars and restaurants.
  • Try and change your money before you get on the boat as it will be a little cheaper (Post Offices do not charge commission!!)
  • Try to get some sleep on the boat!
  • Bring your own sandwiches and tea bags for the boat anything else you may want to eat or drink as this will save you a good few bob!
  • Great pubs around the ground if you fancy a sing song before the game – most of us use The Railway Club, Chester Road.
  • If it is your 1st game, head down to the ground early to soak up the atmosphere
  • Check out what shows are on in The Palace Theatre, this is only a short walk from the hotel
  • Football Museum in The City Centre is a great way to spend a few hours and admission is free
  • Buses from City Centre are 250 / 255 / 256 or if there are three or four in a taxi it will be cheap enough
  • Using your bank card in the UK you get the best rate of exchange on that day and no charges
  • If your car is at the port be sure to have change for the ticket machine
  • Most of all enjoy your trip and stay safe



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