Note 1: Details correct following the selection of fixtures
up to 27 Oct 2018 for live TV.
All other dates and k.o. times listed are provisional
and are to be confirmed (TBC) in due course.
Note 2: Premier League games open eight (8) weeks prior to game.
Note 3: All other games, as soon as details are known,
open on the following Monday, (or Tuesday, if
Monday is not suitable e.g. Bank Holiday etc).


Fri 10-Aug-18 8:00 pm Leicester City Premier League DB, LB 2_1
Mon 27-Aug-18 8:00 pm Tottenham Premier League CH, MH SOLD OUT
Sat 22-Sep-18 3:00 pm Wolves Premier League EM, MD Day Trip – Now open
Sat 06-Oct-18 5:30 pm Newcastle Utd Premier League JC, PM Day Trip – Now open
Sat 27-Oct-18 12:30 pm Everton Premier League DB, LB Day Trip – Now open
Sat 24-Nov-18 3:00 pm Crystal Palace Premier League CH, MH 17-Sep-18
Tues 04-Dec-18 8:00 pm Arsenal Premier League EM, MD 24-Sep-18
Sat 08-Dec-18 3:00 pm Fulham Premier League JC, PM 01-Oct-18
Wed 26-Dec-18 3:00 pm Huddersfield Town Premier League DB, LB 15-Oct-18
Sat 29-Dec-18 3:00 pm Bournemouth Premier League CH, MH 12-Nov-18
Sat 19-Jan-19 3:00 pm Brighton & Hove Albion Premier League EM, MD 12-Nov-18
Tues 29-Jan-19 8:00 pm Burnley Premier League JC, PM 22-Nov-18
Sat 23-Feb-19 3:00 pm Liverpool Premier League DB, LB 17-Dec-18
Sat 02-Mar-19 3:00 pm Southampton Premier League CH, MH 07-Jan-19
Sat 16-Mar-19 3:00 pm Man City Premier League JC, PM 07-Jan-19
Sat 30-Mar-19 3:00 pm Watford Premier League EM, MD 21-Jan-19
Sat 13-Apr-19 3:00 pm West Ham Utd Premier League DB, LB 04-Feb-19
Sat 27-Apr-19 3:00 pm Chelsea Premier League CH, MH 18-Feb-19
Sun 12-May-19 3:00 pm Cardiff City


Premier League EM, MD 05-Mar-19
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